K E N D E L  R O D R I G U E Z
Kendel made a name for himself as the heart of Operations at Bravo Farms California. He helped develop the systems, procedures, and culture of a company that has grown over 600% since 2009. Creating systems and procedures helped scale Bravo Farms for growth, but culture is the heart of the company. Bravo Farms boasts a culture of: Servant Leaders, Developing Good Character, and    Helping people find their purpose.
Kendel is the founder of Q|R Media Co., a platform he created to stretch his "Entrepreneurial Legs". Q|R is the platform in which Kendel can mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs who never knew they had the ability or even a chance.
Kendel is a loyal servant of God, an adoring Husband, and Father of two young ladies: Quora [6 years old], and Ryn [3 years old].
Kendel brings a wealth of storytelling and content-crafting knowledge to Q|R by his love for studying and living out the word of God. He works hands on with every single employee, teaching them to think for themselves and do things as they would. This is one of the key points of difference between Kendel and his Contemporaries - He is personal, loving, genuine, connected, and excited to see every single employee  and client he works with succeed on their own terms as they win in their fight for a meaningful following of their own.